Author: Dr. Jimmy Scott


Scary concept to most people. With the nuclear power plant problems in Japan just now, many people have renewed their fears. Lets take a closer look. When the United States exploded two atomic bombs in Japan in WWII we heard...

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Dylan continued. An Experiment

A recent issue of the Daily Express newspaper contained about allergy testing. The full article may be seen here:, (by Jane Symons.) One of the methods (not...

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Are You Eating Adequately?

Important Nutrition Concepts No one argues that everyone needs to take in nutrients; they only disagree about which nutrients and how much! Since every individual has a different nutritional requirement there can be no rigid...

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The Folly of the RDA / RDI / RDV

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in its infinite wisdom has decreed The Truth about nutrition and human needs for nutrients. For many years I have said: Show me someone who takes in only the RDA and I will show you a sick...

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