The dictionary defines Bioenergetics as: The study of the flow and transformation of energy within and between living organisms and between living organisms and their environment.

It describes exactly what my Natural Bioenergetics™ work does, so I began using the term at least 12 years ago. That usage has increased to quite a number of categories of my work, so I want to publish some of these for all to see. These terms are already in use in Natural Bioenergetics™ and are copyrighted and are used as TradeMarks.

Natural Bioenergetics™

I began developing Natural Bioenergetics™, formerly known as Health Kinesiology™(HK™), in 1978 and named it Health Kinesiology™(HK™) in 1981. Natural Bioenergetics™ is the overall Bioenergetic name for this body of work.

Categories (Partial Listing)

Behavioral Bioenergetics

(learning, behavior)

Body Bioenergetics

(bodywork, specialized massage)

Environmental Bioenergetics

(Feng Shui, geobiology)

Life Bioenergetics

(Life Balance, occupation, lifestyle)

Nutritional Bioenergetics

(diet, nutrition)

Physiological Bioenergetics

(psychophysiology, hormones, nervous system)

Psychological Bioenergetics or PsychoBioenergetics

(stress, anxiety, social)

Sensory Bioenergetics

(vision, audition, kinesthetics)

Spiritual Bioenergetics

(experiential, mediation, intuition)

Subtle Bioenergetics

(subtle bodies, Chakras, TCM)

System Bioenergetics

(Systems Pattern, Alternate Realities)

Toning Bioenergetics

(habit, exercise, fitness)

Bioenergetic Kinesiology

A term I created many years ago to include all forms of energy-based kinesiology. I do not use this term myself for any of my work, preferring to use my term Natural Bioenergetics™ as a more accurate and precise term for all my work.

I have added a few examples, not comprehensive, to help understand the scope and subject area of each category. Most are self-explanatory. In the future some of these may change or additions made.

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