The Family Next Door

I know this elderly woman who recently told me this story.

Her now-deceased husband was born in Austria. When he was a young child his Christian family lived next door to a Jewish family. In the cemetery each grave of that family was marked by a Star of David. The head of that family was rather obsessive, demanding that everything be clean, orderly, and in place. But the family was nice and friendly. Once the man beckoned the young boy, who was the woman’s future husband, to reach into the man’s pocket, where the young boy found the first chocolate bar he ever had. The young boy’s family was not Jewish but the two neighboring families got along very nicely. Time passed and the young boy and his brother grew up. In the 1930s the older brother ended up joining the Nazi SS. The young boy ended up in Canada. The man next door had moved away and was becoming quite famous. His business and political activities eventually made him a household name worldwide. Even now all these years later everyone knows that nice  Jewish man next door as Adolf Hitler.

Some years later a baby was born in Kenya ….

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