The Trek

The Trek By Jimmy Scott, Ph.D. The wet trail climbed inexorably upward. There were unfamiliar bird calls announcing my progress across narrow wooden “bridges” along the edge of the stream. Stones had been moved to make a narrow pathway, skirting boulders and strange trees. In some places there was virtually a stream flowing down the … Read more

The Chamber

The Chamber By Jimmy Scott, Ph.D. The Sphinx Energy Life Transformers™ Expanding Consciousness and Expanding Consciousness Enhanced are designed to help you be more attuned with the Universal Truths. They can also be used with meditation. They help us to do better energy work. As we reached the border the road threaded itself between numerous … Read more

A Brief History of Natural Bioenergetics™

A Brief History Of Natural Bioenergetics™ By Jimmy Scott, Ph.D. The Natural Bioenergetics™ System After earning my Ph.D. in Physiological Psychology at the University of North Carolina in 1966, and spending four years doing research at the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland, I found myself on the faculty of the University of … Read more

Natural Bioenergetics™: What is the NB™ Difference

Natural Bioenergetics™: What is the NB™ Difference By Jane Thurnell-ReadOriginally published in KF News — The newsletter of the British Kinesiology Federation, September 1998, updated January 2019 My first introduction to Natural Bioenergetics™ (NB™) was in 1987 when Kay McCarroll arranged for Dr. Jimmy Scott, the developer of Natural Bioenergetics™, to come to England to … Read more