Become an Natural Bioenergetics™ Practitioner

Natural Bioenergetics™ considers you ready to call yourself an Natural Bioenergetics™ Practitioner after you have completed Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 1 through to Level 6. This includes a total of 168 hours of course instruction with plenty of practice on friends, family and clients as well. Of course, you can begin to work on family and friends as soon as you have taken as little as one day of courses: Natural Bioenergetics™ is immediately useful.

Natural Bioenergetics™ has taught many thousands of students worldwide, from over 25 countries.

Foundation modules are 28 hours course time each (30 in UK, 32 hours in Australia and New Zealand), generally taught in 4 full days. A student progresses from Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 1 to Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 6 in sequence. The courses are generally spaced so that there is time to absorb and practice the material presented before going on to the next course. Check course schedules to get a feel for the timing. Usually, one individual teacher sees a course straight through from Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 1 to Level 6, although students are free to change teachers if they wish. The training may take a year or longer, depending on student interest and course availability.

Once you have completed Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 6, you may receive client referrals from the Natural Bioenergetics™ Head Office, but will not be personally recommended by us unless you have gone through the rigorous Natural Bioenergetics™ Practitioner Certification process. This option confirms your competence as an Natural Bioenergetics™ Practitioner.

Natural Bioenergetics™ Teachers

Natural Bioenergetics™ has teachers all over the world.


For a complete listing of upcoming courses check out our Course Calendar.

Learn The Natural Bioenergetics™ System: NB1 to NB10

NB1: Introducing the Natural Bioenergetics™ System

This workshop presents the basic principles and procedures used in every Natural Bioenergetics™ session, including a grounding in the basics of Chinese medicine. It is designed both for experienced practitioners and for newcomers as well. Some of the most enthusiastic students of this Course have been people who have already had several years of experience using various other styles of muscle-testing! This Course includes all of the basic muscle–testing and energy skills needed to use Natural Bioenergetics™ with yourself and others. It offers a balanced combination of lecture / demonstration and hands-on practice.

Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 1 Energy Techniques:

Muscle–testing others and a beginning of self–testing; Natural Bioenergetics™ Meridian Energy Balancing and the Body Sequence session structure; the basic Natural Bioenergetics™ approach to Psychological Corrections; the BBEI Corrections for eliminating certain primitive fears; the Belief System Eliminiation technique; Meridian Tracing; an introduction to muscle–testing for the effects of environmental electromagnetism on an individual, and simple tools to reduce those effects, the Adjunctive Activities: work, play, rest, & sleep; the Natural Bioenergetics™ Tapping Techniques for eliminating allergies and enhancing tolerance to foods and environmental substances. An extensive manual with our own high–quality illustrations is included.


None. Everyone must begin with this course.

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NB2: The Science of Natural Bioenergetics™

This Course offers the detailed Natural Bioenergetics™ approach to the theory of life energy and how it functions in the human body.

Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 2 Energy Techniques:

The comprehensive SET™ Correction for BioEnergetic allergy, tolerance, and detoxification; Energy Corrections for electromagnetic & energy spin imbalances; the use of magnets to speed healing; removal of Tissue Energy Balance; Membrane Configuration Corrections for unblocking the energies of cell membrane receptor sites and enhancing the movement of nutrients through cell membranes; and additional methods for self–testing. The Client–Specified–Issue session structure is introduced. The very extensive Course manual includes illustrations, Resources List, and copies of a number of Dr. Scott’s magazine articles.


Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 1 (NB1)

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NB3: Issue Analysis

The foundation for careful, accurate verbal testing skills is laid in Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 1 and Level 2. Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 3 (NB3) students use and enhance those skills as they use verbal testing to pinpoint client issues and develop profound Psychological Corrections.

Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 3 Energy Techniques:

Energy Corrections for pain, external & internal scars, & phantom sensations; Psychophysiological Corrections; Energy Flow Balancing Corrections for Thinking Modes; new Psychological Corrections: the Being / Not–Being & Gerund structures. The Issue & Facet Analysis skills are studied in depth.


Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 2 (NB2)

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NB4: The Points/Operations Matrix

The Points / Operations Matrix is the essence of Natural Bioenergetics™. With time, patience, and creativity, anyone can rediscover all the Natural Bioenergetics™ Energy Corrections for themselves using this elegant, efficient tool. Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 4 also offers a detailed comparison & contrast of the Natural Bioenergetics™ Energy Corrections, Energy Toning, & Adjunctive Factors.

Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 4 Energy Techniques:

The Points / Operations Matrix; Affirmations, Natural Bioenergetics™ style; Reactivation: an energy “On Switch”; the Natural Bioenergetics™ Energy Toning Movements; new Psychological Corrections: the Concept / Experience & “I” Items Factors; Energy Alignment; Energy Corrections to facilitate sensory perception; using Life Transformers™ for Energy Corrections & Energy Toning.


Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 3 (NB3)

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Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 5 Energy Techniques:

Seven more Psychological Correction structures, including Fears & Phobias; an Natural Bioenergetics™ Chakra Correction; the Body Position Memory Correction; Corrections for direct & peripheral sensory perception; correcting energy imbalances involved with the process of remembering & understanding; Emotions Training; Focused Energy Redirection; a consideration of exercise, and Vital Energy.


Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 4 (NB4)

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NB6: ADVANCED Natural Bioenergetics™ TRAINING

Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 6 Energy Techniques:

We consider certain tools in this Course, mostly used in the Points / Operations Matrix concept learned in Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 4: Aromatic Substances, Essences, Homeopathics, and Woods. Also, additional Energy Redirection Factor corrections, Psychological Structures, Energy Toning procedures, and Adjunctive Factor items. New Factors include the Temperament Factor and the Age Identity Factor. Indexing and other topics are also included.


Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 5 (NB5)

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NB7: ADVANCED Natural Bioenergetics™ TRAINING

Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 7 Energy Techniques:

We consider additional tools in this class, mostly used in the Points / Operations Matrix concept: sound / music, light / color. New Factors include Cellular Dynamics, and Critical Life Concepts. Cosbats. Also additional Psychological Structures and Adjunctive Factor items.


Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 6 (NB6)

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NB8: ADVANCED Natural Bioenergetics™ TRAINING

Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 8 Energy Techniques:

A new major Factor: Unification Structures (eleven of them). Also Environmental Factor: Personal Space. More Energy Flow Balancing, Energy Toning, Psychological Structures, and Psychological Processes.


Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 7 (NB7)

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NB9: ADVANCED Natural Bioenergetics™ TRAINING

Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 9 Energy Techniques:

BioEnergy System
Metabolic Blocks
Quick Delicious Super Nutrition Diet Plan
More Psychological Structures and Psychological Processes
More Critical Life Concepts


Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 8

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NB10: ADVANCED Natural Bioenergetics™ TRAINING

Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 10 Energy Techniques:

Without Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 7 (NB7) or Level 8 (NB8) there will be parts of the Course you may not fully comprehend. This Course is required for Advanced Certification in Natural Bioenergetics™. No other Course covers this material.

Extensive discussion of Natural Bioenergetics™ underlying Theoretical Structure, the Natural Bioenergetics™ energy model. Three new approaches to Energy Analysis: Natural Bioenergetics™ Energy Model, Meridian Energies, and Subtle Energies (meta analysis). Gemstones, and gemstone programming. More Psychological Processes and Psychological Structures. A licensing agreement must be signed in order to attend this Course.


Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 9

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Learn The Natural Bioenergetics™ System: Additional Courses



Panorama of Pretty Potent Preferred Perfectly Profound
Positively Powerful Proven Purposeful Precise Practical
Protocols & Procedures for the Professional Practitioner

This is a new Natural Bioenergetics™ Course, called 16P for short, designed to help you hone your skills as a Professional Practitioner. (I will explain why 16 p’s in the Course.)


This Course is now required for Natural Bioenergetics™ Practitioner Certification and Natural Bioenergetics™ Teacher Authorization.

This Course includes:

• The colorful new Practitioners Reference Manual, individualized for each recipient.
• A Manual for the Reference Manual!
• Extensive coverage of correct notation.
• Extensive coverage of proper Client Records.
• Advanced Analysis – one of the major topic of this Course.

The Practitioners Reference Manual summarizes (almost) all Natural Bioenergetics™ procedures, whether or not taught in any Course. It contains the most up–to–date words lists, complete list of Natural Bioenergetics™ factors, very extensive materials for POM corrections, numerous checklists, tables, and summaries. It is an easy to use booklet to carry everywhere with you. Some of the material from NB1–10 has been slightly revised and is not yet in any other Course manual.

This 16P Course also includes a Guide to the Manual, to help you learn how to get the most benefit from it.

With proper notation any Natural Bioenergetics™ practitioner should be able to read and properly interpret what you have done with a client. This material has been scattered throughout various Course manuals, and now is summarized in one place. This notation is critical for keeping good records, and adequate usage is required for Practitioner Certification.

It is professionally and legally necessary to keep appropriate client records. This Course will help you learn how.

Issue Analysis is partly why Natural Bioenergetics™ is so powerful. Much of this Course is focused on doing just that. In addition to general topics there will be specific examples of analyzing things like Intellectual Functioning / Learning Disabilities / Hormonal Balance / Endocrine System / Causes of Issues / etc. This is the most important part of this Course.


This Course requires at least Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 3, but more is preferred.

BioEnergetic Nutrition 1

An expanded revival of the original 2-day Nutrition Class. Nutrients are the raw materials for the body. A deficiency or excess of anything and the body cannot operate optimally. This BioEnergetic Nutrition 1 Course teaches how to determine nutritional needs, supplement schedules, custom food combining, custom herbal combinations, natural vs. synthetic, advanced Sensory Feedback, and many other topics. We do not discuss material which is available everywhere (such as “Vitamin A is found in … “, and “the body needs it for ….”). A customized diet / nutrition program is the only one which really works. (The “Quick Diet Plan” is in Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 9 and is not covered here.)


Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 3

Body Bioenergetics

This Course is required for Advanced Certification in Natural Bioenergetics™.

Original, unique, and the only official Natural Bioenergetics™ “body work” Course. No other Course covers this material. Some energy changes are best effected by biochemical manipulation, such as nutrition, or mentally, such as psychological corrections. Other energy shifts are best accomplished with more mechanical procedures. This is what Body BioEnergetics is all about.

Anatomical knowledge is very important for this Course, so we learn many new muscles and how to work with them. We learn how to detect and correct reactive muscles, reactive tendons, postural misalignment, and how to use numerous un–named techniques. We systematically explore how to work with different areas of the body. An extremely valuable adjunct to the other Natural Bioenergetics™ energy work.

Be prepared to wear minimal clothing. You will come away from this Course functioning better! A licensing agreement must be signed in order to attend this Course. A copy of Jimmy’s manual “Muscles & Bones” (60 pages and growing) is included as well as the extensive illustrated Course
manual (70 pages and growing).


Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 3


In Geobiology our focus is on the energy of the environment rather than the energy of the person. It is, however, because these energies can so dramatically affect all living beings that we must learn about these environmental energies, how to change them, and how to protect ourselves from them. Both natural and man-made energies (e.g., electromagnetic) are considered. Many of these Courses are residential. This is a crucial Course.

Geobiology Energy Skills

Detection of over 20 different earth energy grids, lines, and other energy patterns. Learn over 20 different methods of balancing, changing, deflecting, neutralizing, or blocking harmful environmental energies and how to enhance helpful energies. We explore these energies and how they affect life. The concept of resonance is considered in depth. Both lecture and hands-on work are included, with much of the Course time spent outdoors. Muscle-testing and dowsing skills are taught. Come prepared for any weather. Bring to–scale floor plans (each floor including basement) of your home, office, and another location for Course work. This is a 48–hour Course. When you register, be sure to obtain from the Natural Bioenergetics™ Head Office the list of materials we suggest you bring to Course.

Practical Geobiology

This Course differs from the regular Geobiology Course in these ways:

1) 4 days rather than 6 days.

2) Less theoretical and academic material. To save the two days the discussions of earth energies, stone circles, etc must be very limited. The same manual is used, however, including the extensive reading list. Nothing of the how–to–do–it is left out.


Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 3

Intrusive Energies

This is a four day Course. This Course is required for Advanced Certification in Natural Bioenergetics™.

Original, unique, and the only official Natural Bioenergetics™ Course. No other Course covers this material. This is a crucial Course.

Intrusive Energies covers several very important concepts. These are energies which are not naturally within the body, but can affect or even become part of the body’s energy system.

Entities are like energy parasites. They are residuals of living energies which can become attached to people or locations.

Psychic Attack may be unintentional or deliberate (e.g., voodoo), or caused carelessly, but can devastate people.

Thought Fields are mainly from emotionally charged situations, but they, too, can become attached and significantly influence people or places.

Incidental Exposure and Controlling Energies are important new additions.

This Course teaches you how to recognize dozens of sources of these energies, how to easily and safely rid the body of them, and how to protect people, including yourself, from them. Bring to Course the names of at least 3 people for whom you have already received Conscious Permission to do Intrusive Energies work on them. A licensing agreement must be signed in order to attend this Course.


Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 3

Scott Protocol
Requires at least Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 3. Skill at asking questions and self testing are required.

This stands for: Stimulating Connections & Organization Through Touch.

This totally new Course teaches you how to change and make new brain / body connections in moments. In the last few years I have been developing this completely new procedure which makes nervous system / bioenergetic system changes so fast you will not believe it unless you see it.

Autistic kids change so much and so quickly that teachers and family are astonished (and ask for more).

An old lady crippled by arthritis stood dramatically taller and walked faster within a few moments, even without her crutch (over two hundred observers saw this demonstration at an international brain conference).

A young man stopped stuttering in minutes.

Many report sensations like “a fog lifting from me” during the process. In this Course you will learn the history of this technique, some of the bioenergetic and physiological background, how to do the technique, how to keep the records, and you will have abundant hands–on practice. This technique will become an indispensable part of your professional repertoire. A licensing agreement must be signed in order to attend this Course.


Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 3