NB1: Introducing the Natural Bioenergetics™ System

This workshop presents the basic principles and procedures used in every Natural Bioenergetics™ session, including a grounding in the basics of Chinese medicine. It is designed both for experienced practitioners and for newcomers as well. Some of the most enthusiastic students of this Course have been people who have already had several years of experience using various other styles of muscle-testing! This Course includes all of the basic muscle–testing and energy skills needed to use Natural Bioenergetics™ with yourself and others. It offers a balanced combination of lecture / demonstration and hands-on practice.

NB1 Energy Techniques: Muscle–testing others and a beginning of self–testing; Natural Bioenergetics™ Meridian Energy Balancing and the Body Sequence session structure; the basic Natural Bioenergetics™ approach to Psychological Corrections; the BBEI Corrections for eliminating certain primitive fears; the Belief System Eliminiation technique; Meridian Tracing; an introduction to muscle–testing for the effects of environmental electromagnetism on an individual, and simple tools to reduce those effects, the Adjunctive Activities: work, play, rest, & sleep; the Natural Bioenergetics™ Tapping Techniques for eliminating allergies and enhancing tolerance to foods and environmental substances. An extensive manual with our own high–quality illustrations is included.


None. Everyone must begin with this course.

THE Natural Bioenergetics™ SYSTEM

This is the class manual for Natural Bioenergetics™ Studies: NB1—“ Introduction to The Natural Bioenergetics™ System.” Natural Bioenergetics™ is an original and comprehensive system of body / mind / spirit energy work developed by Jimmy Scott, Ph.D. Natural Bioenergetics™ broad applications range from electromagnetic issues to psychological and spiritual ones, and from allergy and detoxification to geobiology. In many ways this initial class is the most challenging and important. You will be introduced to the fundamental concepts and techniques used throughout Natural Bioenergetics™. Every subsequent class will elaborate on and refine the skills you begin to develop here. New material and concepts are presented in each class.

The Natural Bioenergetics™ training program has been carefully designed to help you systematically develop your energy skills. In the first classes everything will be carefully spelled out for you in detail. As your training progresses, you will realize that Natural Bioenergetics™ is actually an open–ended model for creative thinking and working that allows you immense freedom, ceivity, and effectiveness.

We encourage you to enjoy the beginning steps and practice them carefully. Especially if you have previous experience as a practitioner, be patient and precise as you use these initial techniques. You will be refining your abilities to perceive subtle energies and to make discriminating choices about the energy–needs of the people, or animals, you work with. As with any skill, some people have more “energy talent” than others. Also, as with any skill, talent gives you a boost, and devoted practice is the key that assures your success. Take every opportunity to practice these techniques with other class members, family, friends,and, when you are ready, with clients. And enjoy Natural Bioenergetics™!