NB2: THE SCIENCE OF Natural Bioenergetics™

This Course offers the detailed Natural Bioenergetics™ approach to the theory of life energy and how it functions in the human body.

nb2 Energy Techniques:

The comprehensive SET™ Correction for BioEnergetic allergy, tolerance, and detoxification; Energy Corrections for electromagnetic & energy spin imbalances; the use of magnets to speed healing; removal of Tissue Energy Balance; Membrane Configuration Corrections for unblocking the energies of cell membrane receptor sites and enhancing the movement of nutrients through cell membranes; and additional methods for self–testing. The Client–Specified–Issue session structure is introduced. The very extensive Course manual includes illustrations, Resources List, and copies of a number of Dr. Scott’s magazine articles.

Prerequisite: Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 1 (NB1)

Course Topics

THE Natural Bioenergetics™ SYSTEM



• The Energy Model
• The Energy Control System
• More about Magnets

NEW GENERAL Natural Bioenergetics™ SKILLS

• Improving Verbal Questioning Skills
• Verbally Testing for Correction Points
• “Not” Testing
• Client—Specified—Issue Session Procedure
• Scanning the Body for Precise Location of Points, Magnets, etc.
• Many More Ways of Self Testing


• Balancing Tap
• Tissue Energy Balance
• Spin Corrections
• Membrane Configuration Corrections
• Electric Current and Electromagnetic Field Corrections
• The SET Techniques for Allergy, Detoxification, and Tolerance Increase
• Using Magnets to Aid Healing of Injuries