NB3: Issue Analysis

The foundation for careful, accurate verbal testing skills is laid in Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 1 and Level 2. Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 3 (NB3) students use and enhance those skills as they use verbal testing to pinpoint client issues and develop profound Psychological Corrections.


Energy Corrections for pain, external & internal scars, & phantom sensations; Psychophysiological Corrections; Energy Flow Balancing Corrections for Thinking Modes; new Psychological Corrections: the Being / Not–Being & Gerund structures. The Issue & Facet Analysis skills are studied in depth.


Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 2 (NB2)

Course Topics

WELCOME TO Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 3

In Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 1 and Level 2 you began using the basic skills used by every Natural Bioenergetics™ Practitioner. You now know how to muscle test, how to get a person Meridian Energy Balanced, and how to TL or test verbally to determine points for corrections. You have a beginning understanding to the difference between three of the major factor categories: energy corrections, energy toning, and adjunctives. You know how to scan a body for specific locations of energy needs. You know how to do some of the most important corrections for metabolic and electromagnetic improvement.

In Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 3 you will begin to work in much more depth with open-ended verbal testing, where you “search the universe” for the precise word or concept that identifies your client’s experience or therapeutic need. You will learn how to identify exactly the highest priority issue needing attention. You will learn to work up powerful psychological corrections and the rest of the basic control system corrections.

For many people, the precise, personal work you begin in Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 3 includes some of the most profound aspects Of Natural Bioenergetics™.

Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 3 COURSE Topics


The Concept Of “Asking the Body Questions”
The Structure of Natural Bioenergetics™
Analyzing the Components of Thinking

GENERAL Natural Bioenergetics™ SKILLS

Testing Three New Muscles: Latissimus dorsi, Hamstrings, Serratus Anterior
Analysis of Issues: Using Testing to Identify an Unknown Issue
Analysis of Facets: Organizing Corrections within the Facets
Using the Word Lists to Gather Information
Asking Open—Ended Questions


Energy Flow Balancing / Cognitive—Sensory Integration:
The Thinking Mode Corrections
Three Energy Control System Corrections: Pain, Scars, Phantom Limb
Psychological Corrections: Four Being / Not Being Structures
Psychological Corrections: Four Gerund Structures
Psychophysiological Energy Corrections