Allergy Blaster™

Allergy Blaster™

The amazing Allergy Blaster™ is a programmed gemstone specifically designed to neutralize the bioenergies that cause allergic reactions.

In Natural Bioenergetics™ we define allergy as: Any energy disturbance or bioenergetic reaction of the bioenergy system, in response to exposure to any substance. (i.e.: food, pollen, animal dander, or chemicals.) We are exposed to new allergens all the time as we move throughout our day.

Person having an Allergic Reaction

One way to correct the imbalance of an energy disturbance from an allergy is to have a Natural Bioenergetics™ Practitioner/Specialist perform the Natural Bioenergetics™ SET™ Correction. This is an energy correction that balances your bioenergy system using the substances that are causing the energy disturbance. SET™ stands for “Symbiotic Energy Transformation™” and it is a very effective correction taught in Natural Bioenergetics™.

If you could have someone performing the SET™ Correction for you with any new substance you needed balanced – 24 hours a day – it would be even better!

Well, now you can!

The “Allergy Blaster™” performs the SET™ Correction



The Allergy Blaster™ can be used 2 ways:
  1. It can be used to perform a Natural Bioenergetics™ SET™ Correction in a session. The Allergy Blaster™ creates a SET™ Correction just by putting it on the right place on the body while exposed to an allergen! Once the substance being corrected is tested for, it is placed on CV6 as taught in class. The Allergy Blaster™ is then placed on the 3rd eye. Wait a bit and the SET™ Correction happens! Test to make sure the SET™ Correction is complete. That is all there is to it. No other points or procedures are required.
  2. Or better yet, the Allergy Blaster™ can be worn all the time, similar to wearing a Life Transformer™. The best location for full effect, is to wear the Allergy Blaster™ over the 3rd eye. You can do this by pinning it to a head band, or bandana, or by working it into the rim of a baseball cap. Alternatively, with slightly reduced effectiveness, you can wear it as a necklace.

The stone itself is tumbled and polished Clear Quartz, with a sterling silver eyelet for attaching to a cord or chain. Programming of the Allergy Blaster™ is permanent and accomplished with a proprietary method developed by Dr. Scott.

Maintenance: Just like Life Transformers™, frequently wash Allergy Blaster™ under cold running water for a minute or so to eliminate collected energies.

Recently, my daughter and her family listed their house for sale and decided to move in with us until it was sold. So, they moved in with their kids, and a fish in a fancy fish bowl. The fish was a Beta. This was something new for me. Within a few days, my eyes started to burn so bad that I could not sleep from the pain, and could hardly keep them open during the day. It was determined that it was the fish that was causing this reaction. Luckily I had the Allergy Blaster™ to help me. I took a sample of water from the fish bowl, putting it in a Ziploc bag. Following the instructions for an NB™ SET™ Correction using the Allergy Blaster™, I placed the water sample on CV6 and then placed the Allergy Blaster™ on my 3rd Eye using a bandanna. I did the correction at bedtime. It only took a few minutes to complete. That night I had a restful sleep and in the morning I awoke with no pain. It has been 10 days since doing the correction and I am still pain free!

Allergy Blaster™

The amazing Allergy Blaster™ is a programmed gemstone specifically designed to neutralize the bioenergies that cause allergic reactions.