Debra Lee Pecora

Debra Lee Pecora

Main Teaching Location: up-state New York
Address: 9134 Luckenbach Hill Rd
Teaching Natural Bioenergetics™ since: 2005
Phone: 1-585-367-8821

I first came in contact with Natural Bioenergetics™ in the early 1990’s through my own and my husbands healing journey. I was dis-enchanted with the allopathic medical profession and knew there had to be a better, holistic way of dealing with health issues. Through a friend of my husband, I was introduced to Natural Bioenergetics™ and became intrigued. We both had a Natural Bioenergetics™ session and were hooked. It really got to the core of our heath issues and helped both my husband and I to feel so much better in a variety of ways.

When our practitioner began to teach, I decided to take classes with her for my own and my family and friend’s benefit only. I had no intention of professional practice. But as with many things, the more you do something the better you get at it and soon I had friends of family and friends of friends wanting to have Natural Bioenergetics™ energy work done on them. As they saw improvement in their health, they told others and a business was born.

I have been in professional practice since the mid 1990’s and have pursued every aspect of Natural Bioenergetics™ having taken all the Natural Bioenergetics™ classes, the majority of them several times. After having several people ask about learning to practice Natural Bioenergetics™ and the encouragement from a fellow Natural Bioenergetics™ practitioner I decided to pursue teaching certification.

I live and work in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. I practice and teach out of my home and I travel for Natural Bioenergetics™ as well.