Klaus Schäfer

Klaus Schäfer

Main Teaching Location: Germany
Address: Gehrenweg 3/6, D-79227 Schallstadt
Teaching Natural Bioenergetics™ since: 1995
Phone: +49 (0)7664 618118
Email: info@kschaefer.de


  • University examination in Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology (Dipl. Ing.)
  • NLP-Masterpractitioner
  • Certified Natural Bioenergetics™ Teacher since 1995, first German speaking Natural Bioenergetics™ Teacher
  • Approved Health Practitioner (Heilpraktiker)
  • Several trainings in Natural Medicine, Kinesiology, Energetic Healing and Meditation

Together with my wonderful wife Gabriele – who is also an Natural Bioenergetics™ Practitioner – I work in our own praxis for Natural Medicine near Freiburg, Germany.  We also have a small internet shop with testkits, Life Transformers™ and other accessories for Bioenergetic Therapy. (www.vibrana.de)

Since 1995 I gave more than 500 Natural Bioenergetics™ Seminars to more than 1200 students, not included seminars with other topics. I translated most of the German Natural Bioenergetics™ Manuals.

Still after more than 25 years of working with Natural Bioenergetics™ it is a fascinating and effective way supporting people getting more healthy – psychologically and physically! It is our most important therapeutic approach in our practice.