Sandra Gust

Sandra Gust

Main Teaching Location: Minneapolis, MN, USA, Canada
Address: P.O. Box 874, Monticello, MN 55362
Teaching Natural Bioenergetics™ since: 1994
Phone: 1-763-878-4518
Mobile/Text: 1-612-790-9625

Sandra has been a part of the Natural Bioenergetics™ movement since 1991, after meeting Dr. Scott at a health convention in Toronto. Soon afterwards, she invited Dr. Scott to Ottawa and sponsored Natural Bioenergetics™ classes and client sessions for him at her office.

Certified as an Natural Bioenergetics™ Practitioner and an authorized Natural Bioenergetics™ Instructor in 1994, Sandra has taught in many cities across Canada, throughout the U.S. and also in Spain. She is willing to travel for groups of 10-12 students. As of the beginning of 2017, she has taught over 330 classes in Natural Bioenergetics™.

In the Natural Bioenergetics™ classes, she is authorized to teach Natural Bioenergetics™ Level 1 (NB1) to Level 10 (NB10), as well as the “Practical Geobiology”, “Intrusive Energies”, “Nutritional Bioenergetics” and “Cure Your Own Allergies in Minutes” classes.

Sandra has also been a licensed Brain Gym practitioner and instructor since 1991 and has facilitated many Brain Gym classes since that time as well.

It has truly been a privilege to witness the harvest of profound and positive changes that Natural Bioenergetics™ has assisted people to make over the years. May I extend heartfelt appreciation to my clients and students for their openness and courage to change, and to Dr. Scott and our Creator for this leading-edge modality of Natural Bioenergetics™ that affords so much opportunity for so many who are willing to embrace it. Won’t you join us on the journey?

Sandra Gust

Following are a few comments from Sandra’s Natural Bioenergetics™ students:

I just wanted to express my gratitude and love for getting lucky enough to have you as my teacher and to have met you and to have been influenced by you!

Just wanted to thank you again for your great teaching skills. I have learned so much from you and really appreciate how it has benefited me and my family.

Loved the centeredness of Sandra. Excellent facilitator. Thank you!

It warms my heart to know you are still teaching. This world has been blessed by your work. Thank you.

She is an awesome, very understanding, smart, compassionate woman. She is perfect for Natural Bioenergetics™.

You are an excellent teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed everything I learned.

Sandra was a very professional & patient teacher. Wow! Totally keeps us on track even with fun personal stories—added value. Thank you!

Master teacher presenting material clearly & succinctly. Very clear and clean energy.

Seasoned experienced facilitator.