Normalize Function™ (NF™)

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The Normalize Function™ Bioenergetic Tool is a pair of programmed gemstones specifically created to address blockages in energy flowing through physical tissues.

If there are energetic blockages, the physical tissues may not function properly.  An indication of an energetic blockage is the feeling of an ache or pain in the area of the blockage.  This may range from a dull ache to an acute sensation.

Energetic blockages in physical tissues may be caused by one or more of the following:

  • Physical trauma such as injury or a jar to the body like tripping or falling.
  • Psychological stress from a startle or physical shock.
  • Emotional stress, both from a distinct event or from a gradual accumulation over time.


How to use the Normalize Function™ Bioenergetic Tool:

The Normalize Function™ gemstones work by clearing the blockages in energy flowing through physical tissues that are between them.  For this reason, the Normalize Function™ gemstones need to be used in pairs.  For placement it is helpful to imagine a line or string between the gemstones passing through the area of the body that you are “targeting”.

For example:

  • For the knee, hold one stone behind the knee, and the other on top of the knee.
  • For the foot, hold one stone on the bottom of the foot, and the other on top of the foot.
  • For the stomach, hold one stone on the front of your body, and the other on your back. Ensure that the imaginary line between the gemstones is passing through your stomach.

This locating technique can be applied to any area of the body.

Hold the Normalize Function™ gemstones in place for several minutes until you feel a shift in the energy flowing in the afflicted area. A shift in energy may be indicated by one or several deep breaths or yawns. For the most benefit it is helpful to do the Balancing Thymus Tap™ before using them. To learn about the Balancing Thymus Tap™ watch this video.

You may feel rapid relief from using the Normalize Function™ gemstones.

If not, you may need to adjust the location of the gemstones to target a nearby area.  For example, you may have an ache or pain in your knee that are the result of blockages in the energy flowing in your lower thigh.  Start with the location where the ache or pain is most acute and then work from there.

The length of time for each use of the Normalize Function™ Bioenergetic Tool should not need to exceed 5 minutes per location.  If you do not experience any shift in your energy flow, move to the next location.

There is no harm using the Normalize Function™ gemstones on areas that do not have blockages in physical tissues.  There is only benefit as even the smallest blockages will be addressed and released.

It may also be of benefit to use the Normalize Function™ gemstones multiple times on the same location over several days.  This is helpful when severe blockages in the energy flow result from a large distinct event, coupled with a long period of accumulation. When you have a fall or accident, and the initial event is coupled with the emotional and psychological stress of dealing with the trauma over many months of rehabilitation.


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Normalize Function™ Bioenergetic Tool
Normalize Function™ (NF™)
USD $65.00