The Trek

The Trek

By Jimmy Scott, Ph.D.

The wet trail climbed inexorably upward. There were unfamiliar bird calls announcing my progress across narrow wooden woodenbridges250“bridges” along the edge of the stream. Stones had been moved to make a narrow pathway, skirting boulders and strange trees. In some places there was virtually a stream flowing down the pathway itself. Of course, they call it a rain forest for a reason! And, yes, the moss was on the south side of the trees.

I had driven quite a distance to the end of the pavement, then another 12 km of pot-hole filled gravel and mud road to the head of that trail. I was in the northeast of New South Wales, not far from the Queensland border, in Australia. The day before I had stood on the most easterly point of that grand Island. Another step and I would have been very wet, in the far western Pacific Ocean. That both these magnificent powerful places are so close is remarkable.

As I continued my course along the slippery trail I felt both very calm and peaceful and also very excited. I was here not just as a sight-seer: I was on a mission.

I had designed two new Life Transformers™, Protection From Electromagnetic Fields and Being Centered/Being Grounded. Each of them required special environmental conditions and a modification in procedure to implement. Those conditions included being some distance away from man-made electromagnetic fields, other humans, and such. I had decided to take the necessary materials with me on my trip to Australia hoping to find such a location. I had, indeed, been directed to this perfect place.

As I was packing my materials up the trail I deliberately did not look upwards because I wanted to arrive at the spot and see its full glory all at once. I knew I was getting close, as the forest sounds were changing. Small waterfalls in the stream were growing in number and size. More light was filtering through the canopy overhead. At last I arrived. I carefully picked a spot on a large flat rock and raised my gaze past my hat brim. I looked higher and higher until I could see the entire waterfall cascading over the rim of the cliff. The waterfall was at least 100 feet (30 m) tall. The water was falling along the cliff’s stone face for the first 25 feet (8 m) and then free-falling the rest of the distance, thundering into the pool below. Wow! This was the perfect place!

I made my way along the left side of the pool. Muscle testing the exact best spot to set up my materials. Over a few feet waterfall250distance there developed a strong wind being generated by the falling water. Laden with spray. Laden with the extraordinary energy of the cascading water. Laden with the Power of the Universe. To repeat: Wow! This was the perfect place!

I organized my materials and created the two new LTs™ in record time. They are the most powerful and effective LTs™ I have ever made. And maybe the most important.

Making the LTs™ is very difficult energetically. As I completed the task my heart was pounding and I felt weak. On the other hand I was feeling energized by the powerful energy of the place. All in all a very strange and unique experience. Totally spiritual.

As I reluctantly traversed the trail back down the hill I knew I would return. I will create other LTs™ in that same place. I will adsorb more of the potent energy of the place. I am changed, inexorably.