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It May Not Be Allergy

In 1984 Jimmy Scott, Ph.D., published a paper called Energy and Allergy which had many interesting facts concerning allergies.

Below is an excerpt:

“Many substances besides foods can cause similar reactions, as well as other kinds of reactions which are beyond the scope of this paper to discuss. As with foods, a non-food substance may produce an allergic reaction as well as a reaction based on intolerance. For example, tobacco smoke is toxic for everyone, but some people have allergic reactions to it as well.

Other Possible Causes of Symptoms

There are many reasons, besides allergy, why we may experience sucha wide range of symptoms as those discussed in Part 1 of this paper. The following list of possible causes is not exhaustive, and there may be some overlap among the categories. Keep in mind that several factors may be operating simultaneously, producing extremely complex symptom patterns.”

  1. Toxic Substances
  2. Infective Agents
  3. Localized Tissue Irritation
  4. Localized Tissue Stimulation
  5. Critical Temperature
  6. Blood Sugar Reactions
  7. Digestive System Deficiencies
  8. Specific Organs Not Functioning Optimally
  9. Improper Food Combining
  10. Dietary Composition
  11. Metabolic Sequelae (a secondary consequence or result) of Otherwise Appropriate Foods
  12. Psychological Factors
  13. Masquerading – symptoms are not what they appear to be.
  14. Thresholds for Digestive Processes

These fourteen points are discussed in detail in Dr.Scott’s paper which will be available online here shortly for a small fee.