Bioenergetics The dictionary defines Bioenergetics as: The study of the flow and transformation of energy within and between living organisms and between living organisms and their environment. It describes exactly what my Natural Bioenergetics™ work does, so I began using the term at least 12 years ago. That usage has increased to quite a number … Read more

Bioenergetic Terms, updated

Natural Bioenergetics™, formally known as Health Kinesiology™ The terms listed here originated within Natural Bioenergetics™, formally known as Health Kinesiology™, developing at various times since 1978 as titles of various original techniques. These terms are Copyrighted by Jimmy Scott, Ph.D., ©1978-2019 Jimmy Scott, Ph.D., and are also considered as Trademarks. A fuller description could be … Read more

The Family Next Door

I know this elderly woman who recently told me this story. Her now-deceased husband was born in Austria. When he was a young child his Christian family lived next door to a Jewish family. In the cemetery each grave of that family was marked by a Star of David. The head of that family was … Read more

Teleporting Through Time

My 20 December Blog, “The Photographs” was set in the mid 1940’s. From then we now teleport through time to the more or less now, the Future from then. The setting is the same. (If you did not read that December Post please do so now before reading further. The December Post is real in … Read more

The Photographs

When I was very young my father was drafted into the US Army to “Fight the Nazis”. I remember the day he left; I hid under the covers of my bed, as though that would stop his departure. My mother, older sister, and I moved in with his dad, in the mountains of West Virginia. … Read more

The Box

What is a box? A box is a container, which keeps things in, but also keeps things out. For most people the most important thing kept out is new thinking. For ages. I have said, “I am so far out-of-the-box I don’t know where the box is”. My work and my thinking, by most people’s … Read more

Vaccinations – More Folly

Below is the verbatim copy of a report from the Orthomolecular Medicine News published 8 April 2011. I used to belong to the Orthomolecular Medical Society when I lived inSan Francisco. Ortho (right) molecular (molecule) means having the right amount of the right molecule in the right place at the right time. I always had … Read more


Scary concept to most people. With the nuclear power plant problems in Japan just now, many people have renewed their fears. Lets take a closer look. When the United States exploded two atomic bombs in Japan in WWII we heard about the horrible devastation caused not only by the blast itself, but perhaps even worse, … Read more