Allergy Blaster™

Allergy Blaster™

The amazing Allergy Blaster™ is a programmed gemstone specifically designed to neutralize the bioenergies that cause allergic reactions.

Normalize Function™ Bioenergetic Tool
Normalize Function™
Bioenergetic Tool

The Normalize Function™ Bioenergetic Tool is a pair of programmed gemstones specifically created to address blockages in energy flowing through physical tissues.

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Learn about how Dr. Jimmy Scott created Natural Bioenergetics™, a system of bioenergetic techniques that finds disturbed energy flow in the body/mind and corrects it, helping people heal energetically from a huge range of psychological, physical, and environmental issues. Dr. Jimmy Scott and his Natural Bioenergetics™ teachers, a group of professional, highly skilled practitioners, are teaching Natural Bioenergetics™ around the world in many languages to professional healers as well as people who just want to help themselves and their families (including pets!) overcome health problems.


Jimmy Scott, Ph.D., is the original founder of the international Natural Bioenergetics™ movement. Dr. Scott’s work is referenced worldwide and includes a best selling book as well as published research papers in traditional scientific and medical journals.

Transform Your Life With Natural Bioenergetics™

“When I was made unexpectently redundant, after a week later I was left with an overriding feeling of sadness. I wore the ‘Grief’ LT for a day, had a good cry for the first time – and I mean I sobbed and sobbed. By the next day, I felt lighter, more optimistic and accepting of what had happened.”
– H Matkin, England
“Situations began to change for me almost as soon as I put the Life Transformers on. 3 months later I feel I’ve come a long way in removing myself from a situation that had been rather stuck and very bad for my self-esteem, ongoing for 9 years. An unhealthy pattern has definitely changed.”
– F. Fallon, England