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Almost anyone who has been paying any attention has been hearing about predicted events around 2012. Are these predictions for real? There are people who say they know for sure and others who insist the exact opposite. For certain, however, we will all find out in the next year or two.

Add to those concerns the issues about the economy, excessive government pressures to regulate everything that is natural out of existence, the increasing extremes in the weather, be it tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, or earthquakes, and we are all in the middle of the ancient Chinese curse “living in interesting times”.

So the question is have you been preparing in any way for your future? My point in this blog is to discuss your testing to see if your preparations are adequate and working. This topic occurred to me in “bold print” in the last few days because of a local storm. It was not horrendous, but the high winds did cause extensive damage to trees, power lines, and other things. The electricity was off in our home and office for about two days. So I cranked up my diesel powered generator, flipped a few switches and had — some glitches. Nothing major, just a short circuit in one side of the output lines from the generator. Of course, that tripped the circuit breaker. The consequence of that was that part of the house and office had electricity. The other part did not. That itself is not a big issue, except that some equipment operates on 240 V and it was getting only 120 V. That does strange things to equipment like water pumps!

We had the electricity we needed for our telephones, fax, computers, printers, food preparation, etc. However, one big problem was that our Internet service provider was also knocked out by the power outage (and as of my writing this it is still off). These days in many homes and offices without the Internet, things just bog down. Our business is so Internet oriented that we can hardly function without it. We just promised a client a copy of a document, but could not send the e-mail. We had a telephone inquiry about a package which we had shipped, but we could not check where it was with our tracking number. Internet banking? Forget it! And so on and on.

Let’s fast-forward anywhere from a year and a half to two years. Suppose the powerful magnetic pulse from the sun does happen. Suppose there are ultra-massive earthquakes and storms. Suppose significant numbers of people do not survive. Are you ready to function in that circumstance? Can you generate electrical power indefinitely (diesel won’t last very long under that circumstance). And that assumes your electrical power system will even survive that (those) electric magnetic pulse(s). What if it doesn’t? You may have developed the materials and the skills necessary to survive in a less-developed world, but have you developed the attitude that you need? If you just can’t give up your coffee from the shop, or your frozen pizza, or your daily newspaper, or those sugared carbonated artificially flavored and colored products miscalled beverages, or those favorite TV shows, or having those daily long hot showers, or chatting with your friends on the Internet or telephone, and all those other components of many people’s modern-day life, you’re going to have a difficult time! Withdrawal from Addiction may be worse than any other for many.

Many “preppers” have been preparing space and gathering goods for survival or barter. They may not have paid sufficient attention to their new social and psychological situation if such a disaster occurs. In fact, I believe that your mind set is probably the most important component of your survival and happily thriving afterwards. If the adjustment to a totally new environment is quite stressful for you, your probability of survival diminishes. If you can’t adapt to the massive changes in your lifestyle, your probability of survival diminishes. If you can’t learn to eat things that you don’t like, your probability of survival diminishes. If you can’t cooperate with other people in new ways, your probability of survival diminishes. If you can’t use your mental abilities to problem solve almost everything, your probability of survival diminishes. If you can’t imagine catching and preparing an animal for your food, your probability of survival diminishes. If you can’t believe you must grow your food, your probability of survival diminishes. You can keep adding to this list indefinitely and when you are confident in each of these situations your probability of survival increases. What is your choice? What is your probability of survival? Starting now improves your chances.

Your mind set can be changed with very simple techniques and procedures. We have been doing that for more than three decades with Natural Bioenergetics™ methodology. If you want some help with these or other issues, look at the links on this site. Natural Bioenergetics™ has practitioners in many parts of the world.

I developed a technique called Belief System Elimination (BSE) or BS Elimination for short. BSE generally only takes a few seconds and you will probably be amazed at how effective it is.

This PDF is illustrated directions about how to do the technique:

This is Part One of a video discussing this procedure and shows you exactly how to do it yourself, step–by–step:

This is Part Two, with another real life example:

(The BSE technique is a special case of the SCOTT Protocol (Stimulating Connections & Organization Through Touch. That it spells my last name is purely coincidental, mind you. That work is only for professional training, but has been remarked effective at reconnecting disrupted brain / body pathways. I developed it originally for a quadriplegic, who now walks. It has helped with learning disorders, autism, stuttering, verbal / language fluency, movement, and many other issues where the brain just does not properly connect with the body of within itself.)

In your new world of survival you may encounter substances which might or might not be toxic or good sources of nutrition. The SET methodology I developed in 1980 could literally save your life. For the most effective use it is best to attend Natural Bioenergetics™ classes, but this method also has a simpler, though a slightly less powerful sister. Check out this link: Cure Your Own Allergies In Minutes™ Home for general information and this link for the Manual itself: Cure Your Own Allergies In Minutes™ Manual Download

Thousands of people have downloaded this free Class Manual for Cure Your Own Allergies in Minutes, the name of the book I first published in 1998. The second edition of that book will be available eventually! I invented the first bioenergy correction for allergies in early 1980, methodology as yet unequaled. With this technology you can reliably muscle test whether or not any substance is OK to use or not, and if so, how much you can tolerate. If you are exposed to something and you or someone else start experiencing toxic or allergy symptoms the methodology can reduce the reactions very rapidly and help the body detoxify accordingly. Over 30 years of experience by thousands of users have proven the method. And, it only takes a few minutes. Hey, it’s for free; what can you lose?

In such a case as the 2012 catastrophe not occurring, you will still benefit dramatically from the changes you’re able to make. I urge you to choose to do that now because 2013 might be too late. I intend to survive comfortably. I hope you will, also.

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