Bioenergetic Voice Stress Analysis; How to Change the World

A major aspect of how muscle-testing works is that the bioenergy system changes with any kind of stress. This stress can be physical or psychological. In Natural Bioenergetics™ we always start with a balanced bioenergy system. We then apply or address any situation and then muscle test to see what is happening to the bioenergy system. With any stress the bioenergy system becomes unbalanced and the tested muscle will weaken (more appropriately described as “unlock”). The person can be exposed to a food, for example, and if the tested muscle weakens, assuming particular reflex points are stimulated at the same time, then we can conclude the person is sensitive to or “allergic to that food”. Likewise, we can evaluate the stress from psychological topics having the person think about that particular topic. For example, if a person thinks about “failure”, and failure is a stress, the tested muscle will also become weakened. Likewise, for some people thinking “success” will also be stressful and will weaken the tested muscle. (In Natural Bioenergetics™ we teach methods for eliminating the stress.)

As I first demonstrated about 1979 or 1980, if we ask a properly and well structured question about a given topic you can also observe the muscle weakening according to whether the person is stressed by that topic. For example, we can ask the person “do you like your job?” If the person says “yes”, and the tested muscle weakens that tells us that the person is stressed by saying they like their job. This is not quite the same thing as lying but is very close.

This is also true the person simply talks about whether they like their job or do not like their job. With each statement they make, a quick and simple muscle test can determine which statement or parts of a statement are stressful or not stressful. If they lie within any comment that will be stressful and the muscle test will weaken.

Although ideally, we want to do the muscle test directly on the “target” we do have another option. Another person can be a “surrogate” or “substitute” for the muscle testing if the target person is not physically available. Please note, that all this muscle testing does require proper training and significant experience to be consistently reliable. Muscle-testing is a skill, not just a mechanical process. Furthermore, with my Natural Bioenergetics™ students I insist that they be able to demonstrate their accuracy with this procedure before accepting and trusting the results. This is especially true when doing “remote” testing. In this case, “remote” means the test subject is not physically present at the same location as a person doing the testing. A voice from a recording or via telephone or computer circuit can be used, because the sound carries those bioenergetic patterns, but requires significant practice to achieve reliable results. (This methodology is not taught within the Natural Bioenergetics™ classes. We teach Natural Bioenergetics™ methodology for use with the client present.) I personally achieved consistent reliability with this sort of testing many years ago. Note that, as a scientist, I have rigorous criteria for demonstrating reliability with this procedure.

Part of the Natural Bioenergetics™ training program includes strict instructions about using these techniques. The “target”, or client, must give both conscious permission and bioenergy permission for testing to be carried out. The conscious permission is obtained by simply asking the person for permission and the bioenergy permission is obtained through some muscle testing procedure after the conscious permission is obtained.

One sort of exception to these rules occurs when public figures make public statements, especially when their actions often affect us directly. For example, if a politician is giving a speech, I believe it is “fair game” to test every single statement to see whether they are likely telling the truth. If they are making a campaign promise, and actually have no intention of carrying that out, and even though they are politicians, a little bit of stress in the bioenergy system is induced. In other words, if they lie we can detect that quite reliably (given the conditions as described above). The same process applies to statements about their past, their associates, their relationships, and virtually any other topic.

Several years ago, a new politician burst on the national scene and was becoming very popular, partly because of his statements and promises. I decided this person was very appropriate for me to test the things he was saying. He is an excellent orator and his speeches are full of emotional appeal. He also uses techniques of mass hypnosis (in the past I practiced hypnosis and taught hypnosis to medical residents). I also realized that from a more scientific viewpoint his speeches had virtually no real content. This was a perfect opportunity to utilize my energy testing procedures on his spoken statements. I was amazed at how few of his statements were not stressful. In other words, almost everything he was saying was stressful bioenergetically, which I interpreted as lying. He statements included where he was born, his real name, aspects of his education, and virtually every campaign promise. I have never heard any politician so extreme with this kind of testing. As a matter of fact, I concluded that every promise of what he was going to do actually was a promise that he was not going to do that! As a psychologist, I suspect a significant degree of sociopathic traits in his psychological makeup. It’s easy to understand my lack of respect for that person. Interestingly enough he was elected by a significant margin of strong supporters which now are abandoning support for him. To me he is an unscrupulous and unworthy person. I realized that, even before he was nominated as a candidate for election, all because of the methodology described above.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all candidates were publicly “screened” with this methodology? Imagine a political debate where every statement made by the candidates was tested this way publicly. The entire political landscape would be totally overturned and replaced with honest people. Think of this technology as the modern Diogenes Lamp.

Note: the typical sociopath usually is very glib, very convincing, and makes an excellent con man, or woman. Their manner of speaking is so smooth and natural that most people will believe them. The bioenergy testing procedure described above cuts right through their patter and reveals the truth. Sadly, these days, the concept of truth in the public sector seems to be unknown.

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